Courses 2024

Chronological list of courses taught in 2024

Neuromuscular Taping Course (Virtual Mode)

Summary: Introduction to Neuromuscular Tape and review of Kinesiology Taping. Clinical importance of applications on muscle dysfunctions. When should Taping be applied to the patient? General principles of the application.
Feature: Asynchronous theory (videos are sent). Online Practices on Tuesday and Thursday
Intended for: Physical Therpaist. Related titles. Advanced students of the race. Occupational Therapists.
Speaker: Lic. Claudio García.

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Initial Course on Pathology and Rehabilitation of the Vestibular System (Virtual mode)

Summary: This is a two-day entry-level course aimed at Kinesiologists and Physical Therapists who care for patients with dizziness, vertigo and balance problems.
The course includes evaluation and treatment workshops and demonstration of clinical cases on video .
Intended for: Physical Therpaist. Related titles. Advanced students of the race. Occupational Therapists.
Speaker: Lic. Martín Bellver.

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Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of the Temporomandibular Joint (Virtual mode)

Summary: Consisting of a first theoretical approach where the basic notions about TMJ and its dysfunctions, its evaluation and diagnosis are given. Practical part designed to acquire very useful tools to resolve: ❖ Pain, in one or both TMJs ❖ Joint noises, such as clicking and cracking. ❖ Joint dysfunctions, such as blockages or subluxations. ❖ Other symptoms and signs that manifest on the face, neck, neck, shoulders.
Speaker: Lic. Mario Ugarte.

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Manual Joint Therapy (virtual mode)
Module I: Upper Limb

Summary: ❖ The complete training includes four modules. ❖ Divided into: ❖ Module I: Upper Limb, ❖ Module II: Lower Limb, ❖ Module III: Cervical Column and A.T.M., ❖ Module IV: Thoracic and Lumbar Column.
Feature: The course has a common introductory part for all modules
Speaker: Lic. Maximiliano Caputo.

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Dermatofunctional Kinesiology Applied to Plastic Surgeries (Virtual Mode)

Summary: Kinesic role in the pre- and post-operative of plastic surgeries, facial plastic surgeries. Plastic body surgeries. Breast surgeries: Breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy, mastectomy
Intended for: Kinesiólogos. Terapistas físicos y Títulos afines.
Speaker: Lic. Rodriguez Cobos María Eugenia y Lic. Figueroa Patricia

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